Ready to Build That Online Business?

I will guide you through your
e-Commerce journey and help you build that profitable online business that you love.

I want to help you execute that online business that you have always dreamt of!

My desire is to inspire and help motivated individuals like you make the transition from being an unfulfilled employee to being a business owner, living a life you envision for yourself. I've been through the entire process on my own, made many mistakes along the way and I am now here, ready, to impart my knowledge over to you that will act as a guide for you to execute your own online business. I know it is a scary road to ride but what if you no longer thought of the 'what ifs'?

By getting to know you and being inspired by your story, I will help you plan and execute a profitable business based on your skills, abilities and the lifestyle you desire. No more wondering when to take your vacations or battling with the frustrations of being tied down to a business that does not belong to YOU.



Social Media Marketing

We can all agree that Social Media Marketing plays a major role in business today.


I help you plan your social media marketing strategies, manage your social media accounts and business ads plus more.

ECOMMERCE Consulting

Want to launch an e-commerce business or need help with your existing store? Want to integrate an

e-commerce store into your business?


I will guide you on how to set up and manage a profitable e-commerce business.



With a good and effective strategy, Email Marketing can generate about 1/3 of your e-commerce sales. 


I will help you plan your email marketing strategy, set up your email flows, and design & manage your emails for you.


Starting an online business is a big commitment and you would want to pick the right coach to guide you through your entrepreneurship journey. I am extending an free 40min first consult call especially to you as this allows us to get to know each other and for me to further understand your business and lifestyle goals.


So, Why Do I Offer This?

I know where you are at because I was there too, and investing in the right coach to assist you with your journey is an important decision to make for building your profitable online business.



“Vanessa is a patient and dedicated coach. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and experience in e-commerce has made the coaching relevant and practical.


I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to explore business online to attend her coaching sessions.” 

—  Tsui Fung, Sales Director

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